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PSL holds seminars in two locations: The PSL South Conference Room (1D403) and the Multipurpose Room (GC402) at the David Skaggs Research Center. All seminar attendees, including pedestrians and bike riders, are required to receive a Visitor Badge from the Visitor Center at the Boulder Dept. of Commerce facilities. Seminar attendees will need to present a valid U.S. photo ID or their Permanent Resident Alien card. If you are a Foreign National without permanent residency please email the seminar coordinator* at least 48 hours prior to the seminar to provide information required for security purposes. You will need to present your passport when you check in at the Visitor Center. Please allow extra time to accommodate these procedures. If you have any questions or are interested in presenting a seminar, please contact one of the following coordinators*: Barbara Herrli (303-497-3876); Madeline Sturgill (303-497-5961) Madeline; or Shawn Dowd (303-497-6476) Shawn

Date Seminar
10 November 2011
Thursday, 2:30pm
Dr. Eyal Amitai, Chapman University, Orange, CA NASA Goodard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Satellite QPE Verification: New Reference Products and New Approaches [Abstract]

9 November 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
LaJacob Schewe, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and University of Potsdam
More frequent monsoon failure due to inherent instability [Abstract]

3 November 2011
Thursday, 2:00pm
Lai-yung Ruby Leung, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Modeling aerosol effects on winter storms: Case studies from the SUPRECIP2 and CalWater field experiments in central California [Abstract]

1 November 2011
Tuesday, 10:30am
Jessie Creamean, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California – San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Linking Chemical Composition of Precipitation Residues to Inter-annual Precipitation Trends in the Sierra Nevada during CalWater Phase I [Abstract]

15 September 2011
Thursday, 2:00pm
Hamish McGowan, Climate Research Group, The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, The University of Queensland, Brisbane,
Observation of the surface energy balance and CO2 exchange across the air-water interface over Heron Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Austria[Abstract]

7 September 2011
Wednesday, 1:00pm
Dr. Pedro L. Silva Dias National Laboratory for Scientific Computing Petropolis - Brazil
Slow climate variability in South America: relationship with heat sources[Abstract]

17 August 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
Jason Ching: Center for Environmental Modeling and Policy Development, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fine Scale Meteorology and Air Quality Models as Urban Forecasting, Planning and Assessment Tools [Abstract]

20 July 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
Dimitry Smirnov,University of Wisconsin, Madison
Impact of seasonality on extratropical-tropical interaction in the Atlantic Basin[Abstract]

14 June 2011
Thursday, 2:00pm
V.Chandrasekar,Colorado State University
The Dallas-Fort-Worth ( DFW) Demonstration Flood and Weather Network.[Abstract]

23 June 2011
Thursday, 10:00am
John Y.D. Liou, PhD, PE, CFM
Design Flow Determinations for Water Resources Project.[Abstract]

16 June 2011
Thursday, 10:00am
Brian Ashe Manager of Business Development, Riverside Technologies, Inc.
The Climate Change-Decision Support System: A Web-Based System for Water Managers and Planners[Abstract]

20 May 2011
Friday, 2:00pm
Dr. David Stainforth,Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
Challenges in the Interpretation of Climate Ensembles: Why Good Statistical Methods Aren't Enough[Abstract]

11 May 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
David Thompson, Dept of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
Towards understanding the atmospheric circulation response to anthropogenic forcing[Abstract]

28 April 2011
Thursday, 2:00pm
Elyse Mauk, Univ. of South Carolina and NOAA Paleoclimatology
Global warming in an independent record of the past 130 years

28 April 2011
Thursday, 11:00am
Laurie Trenary, ATOC, University of Colorado
Intraseasonal-to-interannual variability of South Indian Ocean sea level and thermocline: Remote versus local forcing

15 April 2011
Friday, 2:00pm
Ying Li, Princeton University
The Dynamical Mechanism for the Late Winter Teleconnection Between ENSO and NAO

16 March 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
Mimi Hughes, ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory and CIRES
Local and synoptic mechanisms controlling Southern California's Santa Ana winds, and implications in a changing climate

23 February 2011
Tuesday, 3:00pm
David Curtis, Vice-President, WEST Consultants, Folsom, CA
Radar-Based Depth Area Reduction Factors for El Paso County, Colorado.

8 February 2011
Tuesday, 2:00pm
Carolina S. Vera, CIMA/DCAO. University of Buenos Aires
Summer Precipitation Variability over Southeastern South America in a Global Warming Scenario.[Abstract]

9 February 2011
Wednesday, 2:00pm
Charlotte DeMott, Colorado State University
The Asian Monsoon in the Super-Parameterized CCSM and its Relationship to Tropical Wave Activity.[Abstract]

11 January 2011
Tuesday, 11:00pm
Roy Rasmussen, NCAR
High Resolution Simulation of Seasonal Snowfall over Colorado and Some Impacts of Climate Change.[Abstract]


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