PSL Research Spotlight Articles

Measuring Sea Spray to Improve Hurricane Forecasts
Data from new onboard droplet-sensing radar may help improve hurricane forecasts
Drought and America's Heartland
Study suggests Great Plains may not suffer semi-permanent Dust Bowl as climate changes
Taking the 'Noise' Out of Ocean Temperature Trends
Removing El Niño and La Niña to understand climate's effects on ocean temperatures
NOAA's Air-Sea Flux System
Measuring interactions between the atmosphere and ocean
Snow and Warming
Northern Hemisphere could warm further in response to lost snow
Experiment During Annual AMS Conference
ESRL researcher, colleagues set up equipment to measure human impact on meeting environment
Tiksi Observatory
Celebrating the opening of an international climate observatory in Russia
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Disdrometer
ESRL partners with leading science museum to develop hands-on science exhibit
Croaker Climate
The fish's future is bright, collaborative study suggests
Greenland's Clouds
Matt Shupe installs instruments, blogs from Summit
A Climate for Pikas
Analysis of habitat helps federal biologist make protection decision
Science Pipeline
Paper examines diversity in atmospheric science
NOAA's Hydrometerology Testbed
Innovations for extreme precipitation information
Drought Origins Differ
Understanding events of 1930s, 1950s may help in forecasting future drought
Western Climate and Water
PSL postdocs present research at 'mini workshop'
Bleach Alert!
New tool gives advance warning of coral-stressing heat
CSI: Climate Scene Investigation
Team investigates sources of unusual climate and weather patterns
The Great Drying of Africa
Severe drying trend leads to to devastating drought in African Sahel
Improving Week 2 Weather Forecasts Through "Re-Forecasting"
Researchers examine errors in old weather forecasts to improve skill of weather models
Manila Galleon Voyages
Old ship logs provide insight on past weather patterns and climate
El Niño and Probability
Large datesets key to understanding how ENSO affects global weather and risk of climate extremes
Risk of Extremes from El Niño and La Niña
Global patterns of the risk of seasonal extremes related to ENSO