Monthly Climate Timeseries:
Niño 1&2 SST

Eastern Tropical Pacific SSTs. SSTs are averaged over the NINO1 and NINO2 regions 0-10°South;90°West-80°West. Map of region.
Correlation of January Niño 1+2 timeseries with NCEP SST (ERSSTV5).
Timeseries Plot:
Select this link to get a plot. Plot is taken from the Timesseries Plotting and Analysis webpage.
Calculation Method:
SST area averaged 0-10S and 90W-80W. Calculated from the NOAA ERSSTV5.
Time Interval: Monthly
Time Coverage: 1950-present
Update Status: Monthly

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Niño 1+2 (Mean): Standard PSL Format (What is standard format?)
Niño 1+2 (Anomaly): Standard PSL Format (What is standard format?)
Data is from the NOAA/NCEP CPC
  1. (Data) Reynolds, R.W., N.A. Rayner, T.M. Smith, D.C. Stokes, and W. Wang, 2002: An improved in situ and satellite SST analysis for climate. J. Climate, 15, 1609-1625.