Monthly Climate Timeseries

PSL provides a wide range of monthly timeseries related to atmospheric and ocean processes. Some are calculated here while many are produced elsewhere and kept up-to-date at PSL. While no single timeseries can represent the full complexity of geophysical processes, the indicies are useful for researchers investigating particular physical mechanisms.

PSL has a range of webtools that can use these timeseries. First, they can be simply plotted and correlated with each other on the Timeseries Plotting page (for some very long timeseries, see here). They can also be used in obtaining dates for composite plots (for longer time series, see here). For example, the pages can plot variables for years where the PNA index was high. And, a correlation pages is available that can plot linear correlations of these timeseries with various gridded variables and one that plots correlations with US Climate Division Data.

Please email PSL if you have a time series you would like included or if a timeseries is not up-to-date.

Sample Plot: Atlantic Meridional Mode (AMM) as plotted by the Climate Indices Plotting page.amm plot