Climate Analysis Branch Publications - 2000

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Alexander, M. A., J. D. Scott, and C. Deser, 2000: Processes that influence sea surface temperature and ocean mixed layer depth variability in a coupled model. J. Geophys. Res., 105, 16823-16842. [Abstract]

Barros, V., M. Gonzalez, B. Liebmann, and I. Camilloni, 2000: Influence of the South Atlantic convergence zone and South Atlantic sea surface temperature on interannual summer rainfall variability in southeastern South America. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 67, 123-133. [Abstract]

Bergman, J. W., and H. H. Hendon, 2000: Cloud radiative forcing of the low latitude tropospheric circulation: Linear calculation. J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 2225-2245. [Abstract]

Bergman, J. W., and H. H. Hendon, 2000: The impact of clouds on the seasonal cycle of radiative heating over the Pacific. J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 545-566. [Abstract]

Black, R. X., and R. M. Dole, 2000: Storm tracks and barotropic deformation in climate models. J. Climate, 13, 2712-2728. [Abstract]

Breon, F.-M., D. L. Jackson, and J. J. Bates, 2000: Calibration of the METEOSAT water vapor channel using collocated NOAA/HIRS 12 measurements. J. Geophys. Res., 105, 11925-11933. [Abstract]

Changnon, S. A., R. Pielke Jr., D. Changnon, R. T. Sylves, and R. S. Pulwarty, 2000: Human factors explain the increased losses from weather and climate extremes. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 437-442. [Abstract]

Chou, C.-B., and H.-P. Huang, 2000: Application of AVHRR data to a one-dimensional variational retrieval scheme for cloudy TOVS data. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 3867-3878. [Abstract]

Deser, C., M. A. Alexander, and M. S. Timlin, 2000: Reply to comments on "Evidence for a wind-driven intensification of the Kuroshio Current from the 1970s to the 1980s". J. Climate, 13, 1995. [Reply to comments - no abstract]

Deser, C., J. E. Walsh, and M. S. Timlin, 2000: Arctic sea ice variability in the context of recent atmospheric circulation trends. J. Climate, 13, 617-633. [Abstract]

Dettinger, M. D., and H. F. Diaz, 2000: Global characteristics of streamflow seasonality and variability. J. Hydromet., 1, 289-310. [Abstract]

Diaz H .F., and V. Markgraf (Eds.), 2000: El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Multiscale Variability and Global and Regional Impacts, Cambridge University Press, 496 pp. [Back Cover]

Dole, R. M., 2000: Prospects for drought forecasts in the United States. In Drought: A Global Assessment (Volume I), D. A. Wilhite (Ed.), Routledge, 83-99. [Introduction]

Eischeid, J. K., P. Pasteris, H. F. Diaz, M. Plantico, and N. Lott, 2000: Creating a serially complete, national daily time series of temperature and precipitation for the Western United States. J. Appl. Meteorol., 39, 1580-1591. [Abstract]

Hendon, H. H., 2000: Impact of air-sea coupling on the MJO in a GCM. J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 3939-3952. [Abstract]

Hendon, H. H., B. Liebmann, M. E. Newman, J. D. Glick, and J. E. Schemm, 2000: Medium range forecast errors associated with active episodes of the Madden-Julian oscillation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 69-86. [Abstract]

Hoerling, M. P., and A. Kumar, 2000: Understanding and predicting extratropical teleconnections related to ENSO. In El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Multi-scale Variations and Global and Regional Impacts, H.F. Diaz and V. Markgraf (Eds.), Cambridge University Press, 57-88. [Abstract]
Winner of NOAA Research's Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

Huang, H.-P., and P. D. Sardeshmukh, 2000: Another look at the annual and semiannual cycles of atmospheric angular momentum. J. Climate, 13, 3221-3238. [Abstract]

Kumar, A., A. Barnston, P. Peng, M. P. Hoerling, and L. Goddard, 2000: Changes in the spread of the seasonal mean atmospheric states associated with ENSO. J. Climate, 13, 3139-3151. [Abstract]

Kumar, A., and M. P. Hoerling, 2000: Analysis of a conceptual model of seasonal climate variability and implications for seasonal prediction. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 255-264. [Abstract]

Lo, F., and H. H. Hendon, 2000: Empirical prediction of the MJO. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 2528-2543. [Abstract]

Mapes, B. E., 2000: Convective inhibition, subgridscale triggering, and stratiform instability in a toy tropical wave model. J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 1515-1535. [Abstract]

Markgraf, V., T. R. Baumgartner, J. P. Bradbury, H. F. Diaz, R. B. Dunbar, B. H. Luckman, G. O. Seltzer, R. W. Swetnam, and R. Villalba, 2000: Paleoclimate reconstruction along the Pole-Equator-Pole transect of the Americas (PEP 1). Quat. Sci. Rev., 19, 125-140. [Abstract]

Markgraf, V. and H. F. Diaz, 2000: The past ENSO record: A synthesis. In El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Multiscale Variability and Global and Regional Impacts, H. F. Diaz and V. Markgraf (Eds.), Cambridge University Press, 465-488. [Abstract]

Meehl, G. A., T. Karl, D. R. Easterling, S. Changnon, R. Pielke Jr., D. Changnon, J. Evans, P. Y. Groisman, T. R. Knutson, K. E. Kunkel, L.O. Mearns, C. Parmesan, R. Pulwarty, T. Root, R. T. Sykes, P. Whetton, and F. Zwiers, 2000: An introduction to trends in extreme weather and climate events: Observations, socioeconomic impacts, terrestrial ecological impacts, and model projections. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 413-416. [Abstract]

Newby, P. E., P. Killoran, M. R. Waldorf, B. N. Shuman, R. S. Webb, and T. Webb III, 2000: 14,000 years of sediment, vegetation, and water-level changes at the Makepeace Cedar Swamp, southeastern Massachusetts. Quat. Res., 53, 352-368. [Abstract]

Newman, M. E., M. A. Alexander, C. R. Winkler, J. D. Scott, and J. J. Barsugli, 2000: A linear diagnosis of the coupled extratropical ocean-atmosphere system in the GFDL AGCM. Atmos. Sci. Lett., 1, 1-8. [Abstract]

Newman, M., P. D. Sardeshmukh, and J. W. Bergman, 2000: An assessment of the NCEP, NASA and ECMWF reanalyses over the tropical west Pacific warm pool. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 41-48. [Abstract]

Penland, C., M. Fluegel, and P. Chang, 2000: On the identification of dynamical regimes in an intermediate coupled ocean-atmosphere model. J. Climate, 13, 2105-2115. [Abstract]

Ribera, P., R. Garcia, H. F. Diaz, L. Gimeno, and E. Hernandez, 2000: Trends and interannual oscillations in the main sea-level surface pressure patterns over the Mediterranean, 1955-1990. Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 1143-1146. [Abstract]

Sardeshmukh, P. D., G. P. Compo, and C. Penland, 2000: Changes of probability associated with El Niño. J. Climate, 13, 4268-4286. Winner of NOAA Research's Outstanding Scientific Paper Award [Abstract]

Smith, C. A., and P. D. Sardeshmukh, 2000: The effect of ENSO on the intraseasonal variance of surface temperature in winter. Int. J. Climatol., 20, 1543-1557. [Abstract]

Soden, B., S. Tjemkes, J. Schmetz, R. Saunders, J. Bates, B. Ellingson, R. Engelen, L. Garand, D. Jackson, G. Jedlovec, T. Kleespies, D. Randel, P. Rayer, E. Salathe, D. Schwarzkopf, N. Scott, B. Sohn, S. de Souza-Machado, L. Strow, D. Tobin, D. Turner, P. van Delst, and T. Wehr, 2000: An intercomparison of radiation codes for retrieving upper tropospheric humidity in the 6.3-micron band: A report from the First GVaP Workshop. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 797-808. [Abstract]

Sun, D.-Z., 2000: The heat sources and sinks of the 1986-87 El Niño. J. Climate, 13, 3533-3550. [Abstract]

Sun, D.-Z., 2000: Global climate change and El Niño: A theoretical framework. In El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Multiscale Variability and Global and Regional Impacts, H. F. Diaz and V. Markgraf (Eds.), Cambridge University Press, 443-463. [Abstract]

Ting, M., M. P. Hoerling, T. Xu, and A. Kumar, 2000: Reply to comments on "Northern Hemisphere teleconnections patterns during extreme phases of the zonal-mean circulation". J. Climate, 13, 1040-1043. [Reply to comments - no abstract]

Weickmann, K. M., W. A. Robinson, and C. Penland, 2000: Stochastic and oscillatory forcing of global atmospheric angular momentum. J. Geophys. Res., 105, 15543-15557. [Abstract]

Wick, G. A., J. J. Bates, and C. C. Gotschall, 2000: Observational evidence of a wind direction signal in SSM/I passive microwave data. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Rem. Sens., 38, 823-837. [Abstract]

Wohl, E. E., R. S. Pulwarty, and J. Y. Zhang, 2000: Assessing climate impacts. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 97, 11141-11142. [Abstract]

Yano, J.-I., W. W. Grabowski, G. L. Roff, and B. E. Mapes, 2000: Asymptotic approaches to convective quasi-equilibrium. Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc., 126, 1-27. [Abstract]