Web-based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tool: Vertical Profiles of Reanalysis Datasets

Select a date, location and a dataset. Choose from vertical profiles, vertical transects and height by time plots. For profiles, you will also get a table of the oceanic variables for that date or range of dates (caveats).

Plot Type:   Vertical Profile(s)     Vertical Transect     Depth by Time     T-S
Variable:     Bottom Depth?
Reanalysis Dataset(s):   GODAS SODA3-JRA SODA3-ERAI ECCO V4.4 ORAS5 BRAN2020 EN4 Custom Test (59N,59W, Sep 2020).  
Latitude: Longitude: (use 0-360)
Year:    Month:
For time by depth plots enter last date of range.
Year 2:   Month 2:
For a transect along a line, enter 2nd lat/lon value.
Latitude: Longitude:
Mean Anomaly Long Term Mean
Plot Spread:   for profiles? No Yes
Place Legend:   for profile (default bottom right)
Bottom Right Bottom Left Top Right Top Left
Min/Max Value for plot (optional):   Minimum: Maximum: Interval:
Contour lines? Yes No
Zero Line :   On profile plots No Yes
Aspect Ratio (X/Y) :   Time by Depth


You may use the images produced from this page in publications, but we ask that you acknowledge us in this manner: Image provided by the NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory, Boulder Colorado from their Web site at https://psl.noaa.gov/. You should also cite the dataset(s) you used.

Additional Notes

Dataset Date Range Climo Time Period
NCEP GODAS Jan 1979 to present 1981-2010
SODA3-JRA55 Jan 1980 to Dec 2016 1981-2010
SODA3-ERA Interim Jan 1980 to Dec 2016 1981-2010
ORAS5Jan 1980 to Dec 2017 1981-2010
NASA ECCO Jan 1992 to Dec 2017 1992-2010
EN4 4.2.1 Jan 1980 to Mar 2021 (updated) 1981-2010
CSIRO BRAN2020 Jan 1993 to Dec 2020 (NEW) 1993-2020

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