PSL Web Products and Tools

PSL has created a set of web products and tools that we have found useful in our research. These products include those that display data, do analysis and make climate and weather forecasts.

Gridded Observed and Analysis Datasets | Non-Gridded Climate Datasets | Timeseries Data | Climate Process Analysis

*'d items can plot the most recent data as part of the analysis

Perform Analysis

Gridded Observed and Analysis Datasets

Search and Plot Gridded Climate Data *
Plots monthly and seasonal composites of variables (mean, anomalies and long-term means). Lat/Lon plots for any desired region, and height cross-sections are available
Monthly/Seasonal Mean Composites *
Plots monthly and seasonal composites of variables (mean, anomalies and long-term means). Lat/Lon plots for any desired region, and height cross-sections are available. Also Day and Hourly)
Linear Monthly/Seasonal Correlations
Plots monthly and seasonal correlations of gridded variable with ocean/atmosphere index time-series like the PNA or ENSO. User can specify their own time-series
Daily NCEP Operational Plots*
Plot daily or daily averaged NCEP Operational Data. User can plot means, anomalies or climatology. Plotting options and regions can be specified.
NCEP Time-section Plots*
Plots time-section (time/lat or time/lon) of daily data
Plot Sea Level Pressure (SLP) Datasets*
From the Global Observing System (GCOS) Surface pressure working group. Plot current and historic pressure datasets.

Non-Gridded Climate Datasets

US Climate Division Maps*
Plots monthly and seasonal composites of US climate Division Data (temperature, precipitation and PDSI). Plots means, long-term means and anomalies and rankings.

Timeseries Data

Calculates Wavelet analysis of ocean/atmosphere and user time-series. Choose interactive plot from main menu.
Obtain Monthly/Seasonal Time-series*
Obtain Monthly or seasonal time-series from a subset of PSL's datasets
Obtain Timeseries
US Station Climatologies
Point and Click or text interfaces to United States station data climatologies of temperature, precipitation and other variables where available.
Daily US Station Data
Select US cities by state for data from 1950-1999. Timeseries plots, climatologies and data distributions available for temperature(max,min) and precipitation. Some analysis and statistics available.

Climate Process Analysis

ENSO Climate Risks
Displays historical seasonal United States temperature/precipitation odds during El Niño or La Niña events
ENSO Climate Comparisons
Displays El Niño and La Niña averages of different climate variables for winter and summer and for the entire globe or just the US.
US Climate Division Correlations
Obtain maps of correlations with monthly mean or seasonal US Climate Division Data. Use provided atmosphere/ocean time-series like PNA or Niña 3.4
Climate Indices*
Plot monthly ocean/atmospheric time-series.
GCOS project: long atmospheric and ocean indices: download and plotting*
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Display Datasets
Various tools are available for plotting the different datasets we store often including the ability to do custom plots
Experimental climate and weather forecasts related to research at PSL are provided as a service
Climate/Weather Monitoring
Maps and plots of the current climate and weather along with some datasets are available.
Custom Weather and Analysis Tools
Composites, correlations, anomaly plots are among the many custom web tools we provide.
Compiled websites for selected Topics
Our expertise is used to gather and make available useful web links and information for selected topics.